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A broken down pottery kiln, an engineering degree from Brown University and an entrepreneurial spirit – these were the tools need to launch Ipsen, and the rest is history.

Harold Ipsen founded Ipsen with a vision of creating products and technologies that continuously push the boundaries of innovation to create a future of thermal processing excellence. With more than thirty patents to his credit, his inventions are recognized as having revolutionized the heat-treating industry and are the foundation for all that we do here at Ipsen.

Harold Ipsen was inspired by the idea that heat treatment touches the lives of everyone, every day – from simple things like eating breakfast to the more complex things: safe flights, advancing medical technology and accelerating innovations in almost every industry. His legacy and vision for innovation lives on in all that we create, including The Ipsen, Harold. Playing on the name of the man who started it all, The Ipsen, Harold blog was created to provide our customers, as well as those in relevant industries, with valuable heat-treating information. Focusing on breaking down technical and complex material, as well as revealing tips of the trade, this blog is intended to establish an open dialogue between readers and Ipsen experts who hope to continue Harold Ipsen’s dream by sharing the wealth of knowledge they possess.

Blog entries will be regularly posted on The Ipsen, Harold and will cover a wide range of thermal-processing topics. Regardless of the industry you are in or the processes you run, Ipsen is committed to providing you with the most pertinent, up-to-date materials and resources. Readers are also granted the opportunity to subscribe to the blog and receive weekly emails with the newest entries and expert advice delivered straight to their inbox.

About Ipsen

Since 1948, Ipsen has been inventing and evolving new technologies and heat treatment processes, as well as designing and manufacturing industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems. High quality standards and increasing raw material costs require us to be passionately committed to developing new heat treatment solutions. The outcome of our work: energy-efficient Ipsen furnaces and plant systems, as well as unrivaled products that are in demand all over the world and used by leading companies.

Ipsen’s sophisticated industrial furnaces and equipment are developed for a wide variety of thermal processing markets, including: Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating, Medical, Energy, Wind Power and Automotive. With production locations in Europe, America and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success.



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