Video: Cleaning the Bypass Valve on a Leybold Booster Pump (WAU2001)

Keeping your booster pump at peak performance means doing more than just changing the oil. It’s also important to regularly inspect and clean the pump’s main components. In our previous post, we discussed how to clean the inlet sieve on your WAU2001 Leybold booster pump. The next step is to clean the bypass valve.

While cleaning the bypass valve, it is important to be careful not to drop anything as the valve is heavy and can crack if it hits the floor. You should also look for signs of damage and/or dark buildup when inspecting the O-rings and valve surface. Finally, our experts also recommend putting grease on the main O-ring to make the reassembly process easier.

In our next post, we will discuss how to clean the fan on the Leybold booster pump (WAU2001). For more tips on maintaining your pumping system, check out our other Leybold videos.

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