Finding Leaks in Your Atmosphere Furnace

For those that have atmosphere furnaces, the leak check process is somewhat different from the leak detection process for vacuum furnaces. Typically, one would perform an atmosphere furnace leak check if a problem with the process indicates there might be a leak. Other signs that it is time for a leak check include effluent fluctuations (i.e., woofing) or low-pressure readings. These indicate that air has infiltrated the furnace during quenching.

In the below presentation, we will cover what comprises an atmosphere furnace leak, the different leak detection steps and methods, a common mistake and more.

atmosphere furnace leak

Also critical to the performance of your heat-treating system is conducting biannual preventative maintenance. During the performance of cold maintenance inspections, you should also check all of the packing glands as these can be a common source of atmosphere furnace leaks. Packing glands that are well-greased require weekly attention.

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