Video: Cleaning the Inlet Sieve on a Leybold Booster Pump (WAU2001)

If you have a TITAN® H6 vacuum furnace, then chances are you have a WAU2001 Leybold booster pump. In past videos, we have shown you how to change the oil on the entire Leybold booster pump (for both the front and shaft seal sides).

However, there is more to maintaining the booster pump than changing its oil. The next few videos in this blog series will cover several preventative maintenance best practices we recommend following for the WAU2001 pump. One of those is cleaning the inlet sieve.

During the process of inspecting the inlet sieve, you should use compressed air to make sure it is free of dust, dirt and debris. Our experts also recommend using this time to inspect and clean the gaskets and O-rings.

For more preventative maintenance tips on maintaining your pumping system, check out our other Leybold videos. In our next Leybold video, we will discuss how to clean the bypass valve on the Leybold booster pump (WAU2001).

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