Throwback Thursday: A Series of Firsts

TITAN furnaceWhen it comes to firsts, the TITAN® vacuum furnace has had quite a few. From flying on a plane to inspiring a YouTube video, its journey has been quite remarkable.

This Throwback Thursday, we wanted to share some of the TITAN furnace’s significant milestones:

April 2009 – First TITAN furnace sold (H2, 2 bar)

May 2010 – First vertical TITAN furnace sold (V6, 2 bar)

November 2010 – First TITAN furnace sold to a Fortune 500 company

March 2011 – First TITAN furnace rental

June 2012 – First TITAN DS (debind and sinter) furnace presented to the industry at PowderMet

December 2012 – First 100 TITAN furnaces sold (in a span of 42 months), inspiring the “Call Me TITAN” video

January 2013 – First TITAN furnace paired with a 3-D printer

July 2013 – First TITAN LT (low-temperature) furnace sold

August 2014 – First TITAN H8 furnace sold

November 2014 – First TITAN shipped by plane

July 2015 – First 200 TITAN furnaces sold (another 100 furnaces in a span of 31 months)

June 2016 – First TITAN integrated with the PdMetrics® predictive maintenance platform sold

July 2017 – First 25 TITAN furnaces integrated with PdMetrics sold (includes retrofits)

Few vacuum furnaces have achieved as much as the TITAN. Not only was it the first modular vacuum furnace to be introduced to the market, but it also provides convenience and ease of operation to experienced and first-time heat treaters alike.

Designed to meet a wide range of needs, the TITAN continues to check all of the boxes. And if it doesn’t, we will keep adding more firsts to the list. So look no further for powerful performance, cutting-edge technology or immediate delivery. The TITAN has it all.

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