Video: Changing the Front Oil on a Leybold Booster Pump (WAU2001)

Roughing pumps, booster pumps, holding pumps – these are just some of the parts that can make up the pumping system on your vacuum furnace. Add in the preventative maintenance (PM) best practices that accompany each part of the system, and there are a lot of do’s and don’ts to keep track of.

While we’ve previously touched upon PM best practices for working with other Leybold pumping systems, those of you with a TITAN® H6 vacuum furnace most likely have a WAU2001 booster pump. In this video, Leybold and Ipsen demonstrate the best method for performing a PM oil change on the front side of a Leybold WAU2001 booster pump. Some important tips to remember include:

  • Remove the oil while the booster pump is still warm or hot so as to encourage better oil drainage
  • It is recommended that your drain pan is capable of holding at least two quarts of oil
  • The oil change is also a good time to perform other preventative maintenance activities, such as checking the condition of the gaskets and O-rings

However, a PM oil change is just one part of properly maintaining your heat treatment furnace’s booster pump and ensuring the pumping system runs smoothly with minimal downtime or unplanned servicing. In our next Leybold video, we will discuss how to change the oil on the pump’s shaft side.

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