Infographic: How Predictive Maintenance Technology Impacts Your Operations

Predictive maintenance has the potential to dramatically transform the way you approach maintenance. Whether it is your car or industrial equipment, knowing in advance when something is deteriorating or going to break down can significantly influence how and when you address the issue.

For example, knowing that your car’s battery level is getting low means you can be proactive and make an appointment to resolve the issue before it stops working. In the end, being able to anticipate disruption can often make the difference between being faced with an emergency situation and having the flexibility to adeptly handle each issue before it arises.

This predictive maintenance infographic explores the power of PdMetrics® – a predictive maintenance platform for heat-treating systems that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data to optimize equipment performance and production efficiency – and touches upon the seven advantages of integrating complex machinery with predictive maintenance software.

predictive maintenance infographic

Interested in how PdMetrics can transform your company’s operations?

Watch the video, or read the technical article and discover the many benefits of predictive maintenance.


  1. Thanks Ipsen for this sharing!
    Preventive maintenance may bring many big benefits for companies in any industrial field. By periodically checking the fundamental systems, you can spot anything out of the ordinary before it becomes a bigger issue. Or else simple proactive plans can help you avoid insurance claims that affect your bottom lines as well relationships with your tenants. So make a clear maintenance strategy from now.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!

      We also agree that preventative maintenance is an effective method for protecting one’s equipment and helping maximize uptime. Here at Ipsen, we offer several preventative maintenance programs (

      We can also help you design a plan that incorporates corrective, preventative and predictive maintenance, and that also meets your specific needs based on the process and materials you run, as well as the type of results you desire.

      If interested in learning more about preventative maintenance, we recommend checking out some of the other posts on our blog, including our Preventative Maintenance Checklists and Leak Check series.

      Happy reading!


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