From the Archives: Abar Corporation Hot Zone Rebuilds

Oh, how the times (and heat-treating systems) have changed. Our most recent foray into the Ipsen archives turned up an old Abar Corporation flyer.

Fun fact: Ipsen merged with Abar Corporation in 1985, creating Abar Ipsen Industries.

According to this flyer for hot zone rebuilds:

Abar Corporation flyer for hot zone rebuilds“If you’re the economy minded type … you will want to consider having Abar rebuild your vacuum furnace, because Abar not only rebuilds them, they IMPROVE them. With an Abar circular, low mass, high resistance molybdenum element design, you can probably enlarge your hot zone to provide increased capacity, quicker uniform heating, and faster, more even cooling over the entire work load. When a hot zone needs rebuilding, the rest of the system generally needs attention, too.

Abar can do it all … hot zone, vacuum pumps, cooling system, controls … the whole thing. Or they can stop with the hot zone. Either way, it’s worth looking into.”

As equipment and technology have advanced over the years, so too have our aftermarket support and services – all backed by our nearly 70 years of experience. This experience means we’ve seen (and built) a lot of things, from complete hot zone rebuilds to large, special projects. As a result, we can expertly handle whatever challenge you want to throw our way.

Hot zones have also seen some changes and new developments over the years. Yet, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to delivering a hot zone that is designed with your needs in mind and provides the best quality and life span possible. Starting with the insulation and moving on to innovative features such as our element hanger and flapper nozzle designs, we provide a package that delivers high performance and can run for years to come.

Even more importantly, our ICS (Ipsen Customer Service) Team is here to support you. Whether that means providing the exact same thing you’ve always had or customizing equipment to fit your needs, we are there for you throughout the entire process and beyond. Plus, we can work with any brand of vacuum or atmosphere furnace, as well as assist with plant layout optimization, material handling systems and much more.

Want to learn more about how Ipsen can support you? Call our Aftermarket Support Helpline at 1-844-Go-Ipsen (Toll Free: 1-844-464-7736; International: +1 815-332-2530) or fill out our Ask an Expert form at

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