Video: How to Replace Graphite Elements in Your Hot Zone

Part of maintaining your hot zone and keeping it at peak performance involves regular inspection of the heating elements and shields. For those of you that have graphite elements, this video takes a close look at the do’s and don’ts for removing and installing graphite elements.

As our Ipsen expert walks you through the steps for replacing graphite elements, he also explains several best practices and key concepts, including:

  • Why it’s important that you spot check the tightness of the graphite nuts and hardware once a week for the first month of operation
  • Where to look for, and how to identify, signs of arcing
  • The importance and purpose of your grafoil washers
  • Key steps for reinstalling graphite elements
  • Signs that indicate arcing and/or shorting are occurring, as well as the difference between the two

If you require any technical assistance with replacing graphite elements, please call Ipsen’s Aftermarket Support Helpline at 1-844-Go-Ipsen (Toll Free: 1-844-464-7736; International: +1-815-332-2530) or fill out the Ask an Expert form.

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