leak detection with a helium mass spectrometer

At times, some of you may find yourself asking: what ranges are considered unsatisfactory when it comes to ultimate vacuum? What could be causing this issue, and how can I […]

how not to cook a turkey

Every holiday has its greatest traditions. New Year’s Eve contains fireworks, champagne and the Times Square ball drop. The 4th of July features parades, barbecues, carnivals and, of course, more […]

blower motor lubrication

When it comes to extending the life of your furnace, preventative maintenance is key. By performing regular routine maintenance on your furnace and its major components, you can save valuable […]

Utilize Ipsen's Aftermarket Support Helpline for scheduling routine maintenance

As we begin to get excited for the holiday season – from food comas brought on by too much turkey to trimming the tree and spiked eggnog – it’s easy […]

maintenance safety procedures

We frequently discuss maintenance in terms of best practices: how to leak check a vacuum furnace, how to replace a door seal, how to replace graphite elements and more. Yet, one […]


Oftentimes, our Ipsen experts are asked questions about frequently experienced issues and recommended best practices. In this new Ask the Expert blog series, we will share some of the most commonly […]

furnace shipment

Receiving a new piece of heat treatment equipment can be an exciting time. If you are replacing older equipment with a new furnace, you are looking forward to running production […]

replacing door seals

Checking and replacing door seals on a regular basis is an easy way to maintain your heat-treating system and keep it in peak condition. Throughout this video, we walk you […]

guy thinking brainteasers

Got the Monday blues or TGIF syndrome? Take a pause with Ipsen. Just as a comma gives you a pause in a sentence, our blog provides a pause from your day with videos, how-to information […]

Furnaces North America 1998

As Ipsen gets ready to make the trek to Nashville, Tennessee for the upcoming Furnaces North America (FNA) trade show, which is taking place October 4-5, we thought we would share […]