how to replace the exhaust mist eliminator on a Leybold holding pump

In previous posts on the Leybold holding pump (D25B), we’ve touched upon best methods for performing a preventative maintenance (PM) oil change, as well as inspecting the inlet sieve and […]

vacuum brazing furnace

Like many processes, vacuum brazing has its complexities and intricacies. With the ultimate goal of producing high-quality parts, it is essential to understand several key factors that can contribute to […]

TUS Preparation: 5 Questions You Should Ask

As you prepare to perform a Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS), it is important to take the proper steps to ensure success. Below are five questions you should consider to help […]

replacing graphite elements

Part of maintaining your hot zone and keeping it at peak performance involves regular inspection of the heating elements and shields. For those of you that have graphite elements, this […]

pumping system and pump performance

The performance of maintenance – whether it’s replacing parts or changing your pump’s oil – is intended to help extend your equipment’s lifespan by ensuring everything is properly maintained and […]

hot zo

An important part of maintaining your heat treatment equipment – and in this specific instance, hot zone maintenance –  is not only knowing when and how to perform maintenance, but […]

Eutectic Reactions Chart

A Chart of Maximum Temperatures at Which Materials Are Compatible in Vacuum: Metallurgy, or the science concerned with the physical and chemical properties of metals, is one that many people […]

I/O-3000 atmosphere furnace

As heat-treating equipment evolves to include the latest technology and advancements, it’s interesting to look back upon our legacy of innovation and see where it all started. One such area […]

guy thinking brainteasers

Got the Monday blues or TGIF syndrome? Take a pause with Ipsen. Just as a comma gives you a pause in a sentence, our blog provides a pause from your day with videos, how-to information […]

vacuum furnace alarms

While vacuum furnace systems are designed to help refine operations, perform specific processes and produce high-quality results, they are also designed with your safety in mind. As such, they are […]